A propos de moi (About Me)



Hello There!!

This is probably the hardest question to answer…Tell me something about yourself 🙂 Am I right or Am I right?? . Well, here it is.

My name is Gitanjali Venugopal.My Blogger name is BloGit (coz my name is hella difficult to pronounce). I was born on October 21 1995. I was raised in Dubai for as long as I can remember…Yes! the desert is my home and no other place is good enough! I don’t have any siblings, so fortunately, I never had to share anything with anyone. However, this also meant I had no fight cum playmate and I had to make my own friends from a very young age. I’m a semi social person who interacts and converses with everyone but makes very few, good friends.

My hobbies include social media,cartooning, anagrams etc. (Sorry, no conventional ones like dancing, singing and other boring, mainstream hobbies). So that’s a little bit about me. If you may have any further questions about me or about this blog, feel free to comment below and lemme know.

The social stuff. Why you ask? Coz it’s 2016


Befriend me 🙂 Facebook : Gitanjali Venugopal

Stalk Me 🙂 Instagram: @gitanjali_venugopal

Tweet me sweet nothings 🙂 Twitter: @Gitanjali2110

For Inquiries 🙂 email: gitanjalivenugopal95@gmail.com

Thanks a bunch for visiting 🙂 I really appreciate it  🙂

Hugs and Kisses


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