Wuddup everyone!

Firstly, I’m soooo extremely sorry for not posting an article on Thursday. My computer decided that it was the perfect time to go on a vacation and hence stopped taking orders from me 😉 😉 (My computer froze and crashed). But anyways, since today is Marvelous Monday (Yup! That’s what I’m gonna call it),I thought I would write on 5 stages of troubleshooting aka solving little problems that come our way all day everyday! Also, since cartooning is one of my other favorite things to do, I thought, what better way to get through Mondays than to combine both my passions together into one common Blog Post. So, all pictures/illustrations in this article are my personal handmade cartoons. Now without further ado, let jump into it shall we?

Stage 1: STRESS

Stage 1

I stress over my life like it’s my job! Sometimes I stress over the fact that I have nothing to stress on. Now, the majority of us will agree that the first thing we do under troublesome situations is stress. To those of you who think otherwise, stop living in denial and lift yourself from under that rock you’ve been living in, unless of course that rock is Dwayne Johnson, in which case, Ha! You know what to do next 😉 😉 … OMG I have ADHD. Back to the article!!!!! Now we can all agree that stress is a logical response that creates several illogical ideas and situations in our head. This may cause us to stray away from the problem and may lead to Staaaage 2.


Stage 2

Crying, whining and speaking about our woes in great detail to anyone who would care to listen is something we all do. We all love to be cranky and negative about everything to gain some sympathy, some massages, some huggies, some ‘XXX’ (If you know what I mean 😉 😉 ) What on earth is wrong with me today???? Anywaaays, you soon realize that being negative about the situation will do nothing to better it which leads us to stage 3.


Stage 3

Now this is where you decide to take matters into your own hands and figure out how to sort out the problem at hand. Google, Yahoo Answers, eBooks etc. are your best friends in this stage. Now this could go two ways. Either you analyze the situation, develop plans and back up plans and get ready to face it, or focus your entire attention on worst case scenarios in which case you can just walk back to stage 1. Now assuming that you take alternative #1, you are suited up and are now ready for Stage 4.


Stage 4

Now this is where the actual task of dealing with our current predicament occurs. You decide to solve the issue at hand in the best way possible to create a win-win situation for everyone. This could go two ways. Either it all goes well and you come out of it feeling like a bag of skittles or things don’t go your way and you come out learning a valuable life lesson. But you don’t have to worry about the outcome because you dealt with the issues of life like and adult and faced your fears and difficulties like a Hero!!! The Face-off stage leads to Stage 5.


Now I’d like to clarify that no matter how the entire situation turned out, you’re still a humongous success because you believed in yourself and faced your fears and difficulties in the best way you deemed possible with the limited knowledge and resources you had in Stage 3. So Congratulations on the newly attained feather on your cap, be it an achievement or life lesson. You totally deserve it. Now, this stage does not have an illustration because, to each of us, success means so many different things, be it money, career, love, family etc. etc. So I decided that it wasn’t up to me to ‘illustrate’ success and give it a form as what is success for me may not be success for you.

So there you have it. Stages of Troubleshooting… What a ridiculous topic?? Anyways I hope it made your day better and made you smile and chuckle in your happy place. Thank you once again for all the positive reviews, messages etc. I truly truly appreciate it, believe me!

I hope you have a great morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you are and you’re amazing just the way you are 🙂 🙂



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