Dream It, Be It!

Hey there Wonderful!

Now you may or may not know me but that is absolutely irrelevant right now because I am exactly like you.

I have so many dreams,  goals and things I want to do in life that it both excites me and stresses me out.

I have had my heart broken so many times that now I’m just terrified of growing up.

I have soooo many things to do on my ‘to do’ list and I keep telling myself to do them when in actuality, I spend more time making my ‘to do’ list than doing things.

Pshhhhtt! And I’m so content in life… Unless I see another Facebook post about one of my friends getting a job or getting into a relationship and Oh! Before I know it, I’m eating a bag of Doritos and googling picture of Jay Z and Beyoncé. And let’s just say, although I’m not their daughter, I’m still feeling blue 😉 😉

I GET IT… Humans…we’re all the same, yet we’re soooo different.

And speaking of dreams and passions, one of my dreams is to spread happiness and positivity and that is what I hope to do in the next few paragraphs to you my friend.

I’m gonna tell you why you can do anything you want to do in life. And you might be wondering, why would you listen to me? And my response would be, Why not? Its only one blog post and I typed on my keyboard just for you 🙂 🙂

So I need you to stop whatever you’re doing, close those other tabs and read on because after reading this, you are going to resume your life and work with a fresh, new perspective and take on the entire world. Are you ready?

The biggest mistake people make in life is thinking that their brain controls them, when in reality it is the other way round. Let’s try it. Stop whatever you’re doing and touch your nose. No touch it. You touched it? Congratulations!! But OMG How did you do it? You did it because you told yourself that you wanted to do it. So my question it, whenever you’re scared, stressed or upset; how is it that you can’t do things? You can start doing things one you stop making excuses and start taking ownership. Touch your nose, complete a task same to same.

And here is where I’m gonna quote Bob Marley who says, “None, but ourselves, can free our mind.” Because although there are CEOs, Parents, Presidents etc. no one knows you and has more power on you  and your mind than-you!

And don’t get me wrong pal! You may have difficult circumstances. That’s perfect! That is why you have such a miraculous and wonderful mind, body and soul my friend.

But you gotta remember that even though your mind and soul are all amazing, that doesn’t mean that they won’t get hurt. That’s when you gotta remember that negatives aren’t forever. Because baby, How many times have you taken a negative and developed it into a beautiful picture.

And if you can’t remember, let me remind you. Remember the last time you lost your best friend. Or your dog died. Or more recently, when your favorite character from Game of Thrones died and you said, “Life is Terrible. I’m never getting over this.”

Hi! You’re still here. You still exist. I got your view! 😉

That’s because everything you thought you couldn’t overcome; you’ve overcome!!!

So it’s a little ridiculous to assume that you can’t do things when you’ve actually been doing them. Do you see how silly you’re being yet? 😀 😀

So love, stop being so hard on yourself!!!

Let’s take a second. Maybe you have some goals and dreams that you have not yet accomplished in life. But let’s review the facts.

  1. You have both the brain and control to do whatever you want to do.
  2. You have been overcoming difficulties in the past.
  3. You know exactly what you want to do.

So… what’s the problem here? Ohhhhhh Actually doing things??? I mean, how ridiculous it that?

Its like you’re here, your hopes, dreams and desires are buried beneath you, and you’re standing here with a shovel in your hand wondering what to do.

You have every. single. thing. you need to do whatever you want to do in life and the only person stopping you, is you!

So I’m gonna tell you what to do…Start Digging!!!

And it should make you so happy 🙂 Because you were born so well equipped to deal with this.

So put a smile on your face because life is wonderful.

You have lives to change!

You have money to make!

And most importantly, you’re phenomenal!

So from the bottom of my heart, keep believing, keep hustling, keep working hard and I promise you, you won’t even need fancy cars, Because you will realize that your own drive can get you waaay further.

So I’m gonna shut up now, because you have important things to do

But before you go, do me a favor, sharing is caring 🙂 🙂 So share this link on Facebook and everywhere else because there is enough success out there for all of us 🙂

So rate, like, comment and follow.

I want you to stop reading this right now and take over the world and I am soooo excited for you. But promise me, when you’re super successful and living the life, you will still read my blog posts every week because I post interesting, funny, motivational and sometimes sentimental write-ups like this every week.

Until next time!

Live, Laugh and Love







5 thoughts on “Dream It, Be It!

  1. Gitanjali – The underlying theme of your blog is good. I got a little confused, however, when I realized that you are giving us advice (good advice at that) about getting our shit together but in the first part of the blog you tell us that you don’t have yours together. You say you spend more time working on your “To Do” list then you do actually “doing.” You need to correct that if you want people to listen to you. Would you take tennis lessons from someone who tells you he/she doesn’t play? Tell us that at one time you spent too much time doing nothing but that now (for some reason you need to come up with) you have gotten your head together. Clean that up and I think your article will carry a lot more weight!! Keep writing!!!!


    Please check out my blog and let me know what you think:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dennis 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback. What I meant was that I am so ambitious and that I have so much to achieve that I spend a lot of my time making to do lists. I completely agree with your viewpoint. However I would like to add that I’m still starting out with life as a teenager and learning the reigns of life with no instructions manual to go by. All I’m saying is that everything is a work in progress and although I’m still confused about a lot of things in life, I have managed to sort out my inner differences. All I’m doing is sharing my experience with how I went about doing that and by no means, claim to be an expert in this matter. However I am a cupcake, so go ahead and judge my credentials 😂😂 Sorry if this reply was super long. Just wanted to clear things out 😁😁


      1. Gitanjali – Don’t feel bad. I am a LOT older than you and although maybe I can write an instruction manual, it would probably already be out of date! You seem to be a very insightful young lady and, unlike a lot of young people that I meet these days, you actually have the ability to express your thoughts in meaningful and intelligent sentences. I am a lawyer and have always been told I have a strong writing ability. I thing that is something that we are losing with the social websites and texting. People apparently don’t think they need to write well.
        Keep up the excellent work and I will keep reading your stuff!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dennis: Don’t worry I didn’t take offense to your comment. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment… I did read an article in your blog and it was mind blowing 😁😁 Although I may not be capable or qualified enough to say this, Keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻 You can also click ‘follow’ for my regular dose of awesome sauce 😁 Have a great day


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