Get back up! … This is your wakeup call

Wuddup everyone!

Now I don’t know if this article is going to be funny. But I can assure you that it’s gonna be very real. So if you’re all about real then please proceed and if you’re not, then go to H&M and have a party with the mannequins, this is not for you.

Now you may be sitting there, standing there, lying there reading this article and life has beaten the crap outta you! Straight up black eyes. You’re emotionally and mentally scarred. Someone has hurt you, you lost your boyfriend, you lost your girlfriend, you lost your best friend, you lost your job… Life has kicked you in the ass over and over again and you are tired and defeated. You give up.

I know. I know what that feels like. I’ve been in the same position before and I’m here to say Get back up!

If you fall 499 times, you get back up 500 times. Trust me, I fall all the time, everyone does. The most successful people have fallen the most number of times. I have fallen all through my life and still do but you know what? The sun still rose the next day. If I fell on Sunday, the sun still rose on Monday. You want to know why? Because it doesn’t matter if you’re miserable or not. The world moves on irrespective of whether you’re happy or not because the world moves on and the sun will still rise the next day. And you, my friend, will be left behind.

So allow me to say, brother, sister, from the bottom of my heart, Get back up! And do it for yourself!

Let me explain my statement before you cuss me off and close this window.

If everyone in the world went about seeking revenge on everyone who hurt them, the world would be a disastrous place; more so than it already is.

I would’ve been as fake and emotionless as a mannequin, I would’ve been a compulsive liar, I would’ve killed all my exes, I would’ve been a crappy friend, I would backstab people just for the fun of it and would’ve straight up been a horrible person to deal with. And Uh! No brainer alert, the only person who would’ve been negatively influenced by all this would’ve been, Duh! ME…

But No. 2 wrongs do not make a right and all though getting back at someone may be the only thing on your mind right now, I’m gonna stand here and say, NO! Don’t do it!

And so many people have so frequently asked me, is your desire for success and achievement and all the effort you put in, just to prove people wrong? Or to make people feel stupid? And my genuine answer to that is always NO.

My hard work and success should not be to prove other people wrong. I cannot build a successful life on the foundation of negativity.

But you know what my ambition is driven by? The need to prove myself wrong. Because back in the day, I have been hurt and I know what it feels like… But do I want to make them feel stupid? Absolutely not. But I want to prove myself wrong. Because in that moment, I did feel worthless. I did feel like I wasn’t good enough. And I want to prove that girl wrong. That old Gitanjali wrong.

I don’t need to define my goals and accomplishments by proving other people wrong and neither do you, my friend. So don’t keep in mind all those people who hurt you but keep in mind how it made you feel and what it made you tell yourself and prove that wrong. Because you are better than that. Much better than that.

And if a few people feel stupid along the way then So Be It!

So this is my article to tell you that you fall, bad things happen, but it’s up to you to get back up and continue to pursue your dreams and aspirations and do it for yourself because honey, If you don’t, no one is gonna do it for you and the world will go on, and you will be left, a failure.

And for all those who think this was not funny, Congrats Smarty Pants, it was not meant to be funny, but it was meant to motivate you to get back up and move on to achieve greater heights.

So I just want to say, YOU! GET BACK UP! And do it for yourself because you are beautiful and capable of much more than what a handful of people make you feel. Because you are amazing and you are a miracle .

Like, follow and comment below if you felt better or even if you completely disagreed with whatever I wrote because I would love to read your point of view.

Until next time.



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