Habibi, Let’s Netflix n Chill

Wuddup Everyone

How was your first week of 2016? You had a great first week? I know you had a great first week 🙂 Speaking of a great first week, On Thursday, aka yesterday, Netflix was launched in the UAE. Now if you don’t live in the UAE and you’re in some LaLaland, you may be thinking, what does this mean? I’ll tell you what it means. Habibi! Netflix n Chill?

Haha! I’m soooo not the Netflix n Chill kinda girl. I may be the YouTube and popcorn type though 😉 😉 Just Kidding! I don’t own fancy dresses for nothing 😉

The news of Netflix in the UAE with a 30 day free trial period, has garnered mixed reviews, mostly positive, but some negative albeit.

I, for the most part, think that Netflix in UAE is wonderful. I mean, I can get Cheesecake, move as little as possible and binge watch TV shows without having to surf through pirated websites and giving my computer AIDS. If that’s not health conscious, I don’t know what is. Just Kidding, I didn’t mean cheesecake; I meant a healthier alternative, like Pizza.

Netflix is an ideal hangout for my friends and I who prefer pizza, gossip and quality Television as opposed to a noisy club with neon bright traffic lights flashing in our eyes. Let’s be real, I wanna be in my PJs, with no makeup on, look like death, eat like a pig and watch Netflix with my besties. I ain’t trynna wear no skintight dress and spanx tonight.

On the other hand, limited options are one of the major drawbacks of Netflix. It’s like Netflix has all the episodes, of all the shows, except for the ones I want. Come to think of it, it’s just like Hot guys y’know. They’re either taken, gay, 10 years older, 2458795329 light years away from me or famous. Please stop, Thank you!

Also, after the free trial period, I need to pay. Its pay to play baby! Do I look like some sorta rich sucker who can afford such a luxury? I never have any money. I either ate it, or I’m wearing it. Straight up, ‘Hocus pocus, I’m brokus’ 😉 😉

Anyways, that my mini rant. But honestly, I am super thrilled about Netflix in the UAE. I can bid adieu to the world for a month, lock myself up with food and a laptop and live life king size before I make another email address, enjoy a free trial for another month and so on.

netflix meme2


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Hope you have a day as amazing as you are 🙂




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