Is there something you need to let go of?

Wuddup Everyone!

Now this may not be funny or humorous, but one thing I can assure you, it is 100% genuine and from the heart. So if you’re about keeping things real, then please stay, if not, then go have a party with the Kardashians this is not for you my friend.

Now we’ve all had bad experiences in the past. Toxic friendships, soured relationships etc. We’ve been through it all. So I have one question for you… Is there something you need to let go?

Is there a certain friend you need to let go of? Is there a certain ex you’ve quite not been able to get over? Touch your heart, the answer is YES!!

Let’s face it. We all have a certain person or a group of few people we have not been able to leave behind. Either they were your firsts or changed you in some way; they’ve always had a spot in your heart and will forever. And for someone who’s labeled cold blooded and hard hearted, I have always held on to a few people and have never let go.

So for both myself and for everyone facing this, I’m here to say “Let go! Forget about it, Make peace and move forward.”

But that’s easier said than done…

Why you need to let go

We all have had our equal share of good and bad experiences, I mean who hasn’t right? But out of all those experiences, how many pleasant ones do we recall everyday? How many unpleasant ones do we recall everyday?  Do you see what I mean? We tend to recall experiences with people that are negative, more often than we recall the good times. How many times have you thought about your ex and bad phase you’ll went though? I’m sure it is several times more than you’ll have thought about the good times. And even if for some reason you do, you go right back to thinking about the unpleasantness. All this prevents you from healing yourself.

Think of it this way, you’re going on a hike and you keep picking objects that you think are gonna serve you. Eventually you realize that a lot of these things are not gonna help you in your hike. But you still carry them with you because that’s how we, as humans, are wired. However, all this weight is just a burden on you, and in the future, will slow you down. With all this burden, do you think you will enjoy the journey of life and reach your destination of success and happiness? NA-AAH I don’t think so

Now, let’s put this into perspective. The more negativity and bad blood you carry, the worse life gets. Why? Because you carry so many unpleasant experiences that weigh you down and don’t allow you to move on in life. In short, you’re carrying unnecessary, but heavy baggage that slow you down and wear you out…

So, take a major step. Forgive, forget and let go… Believe me; life is much more beautiful when you don’t hang on to the venom and hatred of the past. Make peace with your past, so that it doesn’t compromise your future.

So in order to make peace with yourself and your conscience, next time you see one of these negative nannies (Male or Female), go up to them, strike a little conversation, DO NOT speak about the past especially if you messed up and owe him/her an explanation, in which case too late, you should’ve done it before; and be a pleasant person. It may not restore your friendship or relationship; but trust me boo, it works wonders for your heart and conscience.

RED FLAG ALERT… DO NOT enter into a new relationship, just to flaunt it in front of your ex. Trust me, there is nothing more desperate, needy and unattractive than that.  Channelize your attention and time to some of your other passions and trust me, you will have let go of your past much faster and much more easily.

And although you must move on and find happiness, it is also important to remember that some of these people will always hold a special place in your heart because they built you up to the strong, wonderful, gorgeous person that you are. So don’t just thank the people who lift you up, thank those who dragged you down as well. It is because of them that you are what you are.

So turn the page onto a new chapter and leave the people of the previous chapter right there, where they belong. Continue making the masterpiece, that is your life, and the people who belong will eventually gravitate towards you and find their way back.

Move on and embrace the wonderful things and people that life has to offer because if you carry old bricks from your past relationship, you’ll build the same house that fell apart before.

So, although you cannot erase the past, let bygones be bygones.

You can’t reach what’s in front of you if you don’t let go of what’s behind you…





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