Journey to Discovery



Behind the closed door, a lamp glows in the far end of her room. The light illuminates the seventeen year old brunette, lying on her bed with tears draining into a huge pillow, her sobs, hissing her to sleep.


Popping her eyes open, Aaliyah sensed a change in environment. She wiped her eyes, and stared into eternal nothingness.

“Hello dear girl.” A deep voice broke the silence.

An enormous creature, whose wings could stretch to the ceiling of her room, came into sight next to her.

“I’m Fabian. I’ve been wanting to meeting you.” the magnificent creature spoke.



Aaliyah was awestruck at the spectacular bird with feathers, the color of fire. The sharp, probing eyes of the phoenix could read Aaliyah’s thoughts like an open book.

Fabian turned around and led her down a hallway.

“Where are we going?”

No answer.



She walked for hours with Fabian, and somehow, his presence gave her a sense of safety. She could trust Fabian.

“I wish I could be pretty and smart with beautiful hair.”

“Being pretty and smart are merely two shades of the diamond,” the phoenix replied.

“Everyone is different. You just have to discover what sets you apart. I, for instance, can sit still for hours and take in life. I count myself blessed,” he said winking at her.

“I love writing.” She told Fabian. He advised her to not let her passion fade, because of her desire for approval.




She woke up with a start. 06:15am

On her way to school, Aaliyah thought about Fabian, his sparkling, mahogany eyes and their conversations and realized, with a smile, that she loved this figment of her imagination.

She would pursue writing, as her gift of the gab made her special.

The echo in her mind finally made sense. “Your journey to self discovery, will lead you to many undiscovered treasures hidden deep within yourself.”


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