Wuddup Everyone!


You know what’s special about New Years? New Year’s Resolutions.

Every year, we sit down, pull out a pen and paper, reflect and write down 10 lies that we’re gonna convince ourselves, are gonna happen this year.

On the first day of the year, in fact on the first day of anything, our brain gets a little delusional and tries to convince us that we are better than we actually are.

  1. First day of School: “Oh! This year I’m gonna “Study Harder””.
  2. On a first date: “I’m not gonna get emotionally attached”
  3. First day buying a new iPhone: “I promise I’m not gonna drop you in the toilet”
  4. First Kiss: “UmmHmm, Kissing is as far as I’m going, Nothing more” 20 minutes later, commence walk of shame. It Happens 🙂

Having said all of that, I still partake in this tradition, and this year is no exception, so I’m gonna share with you my 2016 New Year’s resolution, the reason being, that if you ever see me breaking them, you can slap the pimple right off my face. Yaaaaayyyy!

  1. Now, this is my resolution every year, every month, every time I walk out of Pizza Hut and that is to Get in Shape and by getting in shape I mean, preferably, not a circle.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m all about different shapes and sizes, you do what’s best for you. By getting in shape, I mean getting fitter. Like if I walk up a flight of stairs, I need to take a nap. It’s a problem. Even if I had all the weapons in the Hunger Games, I’d still die. I just feel, getting fitter would help my stamina since I’m always being goofy and jumping around and would help my general health because if you were to cut me, butter would come out because Popcorn is my daddy, Betty Crocker is my mommy and Ben and Jerry are my boys.


  1. I’m the absolute worst at picking up my phone, returning phone calls and replying to text messages. It’s not that I don’t like people (OK it is that most of the time) but my phone beeps more often than the smoke alarm in my kitchen when my mom is cooking Indian food. It’s constantly off the hook. It’s sooooooo aggravating and so I put it on silent and leave it in an alternate universe. Having said that, it’s not cool to ignore people, especially on Whatsapp. I don’t even want people to see the blue check marks, so I don’t even open it, I just read the message from my lock screen and ignore the part of the message that I cannot read. My Whatsapp has more single check marks than the Nike Store. I’m a jerk, I apologize.


  1. I am a very girly girl and I have certain tendencies that you don’t even know about. I am very Diva and OCD about 2 things, my nails and my hair. On having a look at my nails, I can see that they are uneven, shapeless and curry stained and my hair is not washed in 3 days. Who do I think I am, walking around like a horror movie? So in 2016, I promise to take more care of these few things. Mark my words, in 2016, my nails are gonna be looking fierce, like its Halloween and my nails are dressed as Beyonce.


  1. In 2016, I’m gonna be more regular with my upload schedule. You may not believe me but I am just tired of fulfilling that Brown stereotype of always being late for everything because it’s selfish and rude. Imagine Mother Nature being carrying out her business the way I release my articles.


“Hey, I know your period is late, but I’ve been really busy and super sick. I’ve been going out nonstop and meeting all my friends every day. Also, Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Joy’ just released and I’ve been really caught up with that so Yeahhhhh. Either that or you’re pregnant J OK Take Care, cya next month.”


  1. Just Kidding, that’s all I’m making, I’m not planning to change that much Pshhht!


But I’m curious to know what your New Year’s resolutions are, so comment below and lemme know so that we can be failures together J

I post new articles every week so do check ‘em out and gimme your constructive feedback. Your New Year’s resolution should be to support me 😉 😉


Hope you had an amazing year and may you have a day as wonderful as you are.



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