SHADY MOMENTS: What to watch out for??

Wuddup everyone!

Firstly, I’m super sorry for vanishing of the face of the earth. I was sorting out some personal stuff 😉 And since you know how much I loooove making excuses (Not!), I decided to make up for pulling a Home Alone on my Blog, by posting a link to 3 of my articles on SpecsAddict 🙂 (I hope you forgive me now 🙂 )

Now, if you may or may not know, and it’s cool if you don’t, I have collaborated with a wonderful eyewear company called SpecsAddict that has awesome sauce eyewear because I love sunglasses and other eyewear 🙂

*Why wear eyeliner when I could just wear sunglasses* GOLDEN!!!

So without further ado, here are the wonderful articles you should WATCH out for 😉 get it? *WATCH* because it’s an eyewear related article. Of course you get it… you’re so smart 🙂

a.)Geek in Vogue

b) SPEC-tacular trends for Summer and Spring 2016 (Women) 

c) SPEC-tacular trends for Summer and Spring 2016 (Men)

There you go!

But Hold on! Wait a minute! Let me put some advertisement in it 🙂

If you think it’s cool to win FREE RAY- BANS, Stop everything and hop on over to SpecsAddict and don’t forget to Register, Like and Follow them, because, Yo! it’d be super cool to show some love and support and maybe win some Ray-Bans in return. If that’s not amaze-balls, I don’t know what is 🙂

Once again, I sincerely apologize for the vanishing act I pulled 🙂 I promise I’ll be more regular with my uploads.

Until next time


specsaddict banner





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