Wuddup everyone!

If gender roles were reversed… WOW! The grass is always greener on the other side, or should I say, Pinker in this case. How all girls would love to be guys and wear the same outfit for a week and how all guys would absolutely love to trot around in sky-high heels and flirt their way out of trouble.


O.K, I promised myself that I won’t get into feminazi mode and bore everyone with some good-natured (or so) dude bashing. Instead, role reversal makes for some hilarious pastime, aka daydreaming of the impossible.


Now without any further ado, let’s get into it shall we? Commence day dreaming…


  1. The Club:

Part 1: Entering the Club- Now you already KNOW where I’m gonna go with this one. In Earth 2.0 where all dudes were girls and vice versa, it would take the poor girls HOURSSSSS to gain entry into the club along with truck loads of warnings, security checks and suspicious glances. However, a dude could walk in within minutes, no questions or id asked and have a wicked time.


Stage 2: Catcalling- “Sweetie”- a few notches ickier version of “Sexy” would be the cat call for the girls. Coupled with this, a little 😉 😉 (Refer gif below) will do the trick. The dudes, on the other hand will be having a “guys night” all with dancing, having free drinks bought by other girls and checking out the opposite sex all night long.

club gif


  1. The Gym: 

Now this is next level imagination my friend. In the event of a role reversal, the world would have beefy girls with 6 pack abs who spend countless hours in the gym, who are always seen with a protein shake in their hand and are just Fit AF. But not only are they super fit and in shape, but they want the whole WORLD to know that. Countless pictures on Instagram of them flexing and the hash tag would be #doyouevenlift #pumpingiron #gohardorgohome.

On the other hand we’d have guys sucking their tummy in for Instagram with the hashtag  #fitness #feelingbeautiful and TOTALLY checking out their booty.

gym gif

Let’s be real, we’re all a little crazy and hella ridiculous.


  1. Disney: 

Everyone, boys and girls alike have grown up watching Disney movies. Walt Disney would have     had a ball, imagining Disney characters in role reversal. Guys would probably be exposed to extremely different characters with dialogues and dress sense. They’d probably be waiting for their Cinderella on a white horse to try on perfectly fitting boots and live happily ever after. The girls on the other hand, would take a slightly different demographic. From their dancing skills to romance, everything would be contrasting.

disney gif


  1. Advertising and Marketing:

Advertising in the case of Gender reversal would be a wee, teensy, weensy bit different. Both men and women will be projected in very different ways with different marketing campaigns. Guys wearing nothing but skimpy bathing suits accompanied by a seductive look and girls wearing a suit with a Wolf of Wall Street-esque aura of self-confidence that leaves no room for vulnerability will be quite the marketing, advertising norm.

ad gif


So here’s my first blog post and that too on role reversal!! High five self!! 🙂 🙂  Writing on different topics; be it funny, sentimental, rant-esque etc. is one of my favorite things to do, and this is something new that I had promised myself long ago that I’d try. So, if you’ve managed to read through it without falling asleep, then congratulations you’ve developed sleep resistance. My sincere apologies if I’ve offended anyone with my post. I hope you take it in good humor. Thanks a million for giving it a read. I really appreciate it. Comment below and lemme know if you could relate as I would love to hear from you. Please follow for more awesome sauce blog posts that I’ll be posting every week. Also if you have constructive feedback for me, please feel free to comment below as I would love to do this on a regular basis and improve with each blog post. I hope you have a day as wonderful and amazing as you are.





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